Friday, May 20, 2016

My Red Cross Volunteer Story: Suzanne Bucci, RN

Suzanne Bucci, RN, OB/Gyn NP, and Red Cross Volunteer, served as a nurse in the US Air Force Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine (AIM) Center at Joint Base-Andrews, MD. She is an Army veteran, the wife of a retired Army officer, and the mother of two adult children, one of which has served in the Army. She has been a Red Cross volunteer for the past 15 years. Mrs. Bucci has volunteered in the local communities where she and her husband were located since she separated from the Army. She is an expert nurse with a compassionate heart.

As a devoted wife and mother, she continued to share her nursing talents with the community as a volunteer. While traveling with her husband to foreign countries for his work position, she provided healthcare as an OB/Gyn nurse practitioner with limited resources to women and children in Albania during a critical time in that nation’s history. With the heart of a teacher, she taught Albanian nurses how to care for pregnant women and the children.

When she returned to the United States, she chose to help the “nation’s finest” in the Pentagon. The first day she volunteered was September 11, 2001. She was in the Pentagon during the attack. Before receiving orientation, she provided care to the wounded without knowing where any supplies or equipment was located. Dust and debris contributed to the confusion; but she was focused on providing care. That is the type of person she is, she sees a need and fills that need.

Her work in the AIM Center was carried over from the Pentagon Flight Medicine Clinic where she excelled to provide advanced acupuncture and other alternative modalities to patients. Along with physician acupuncturists, she delivered a unique approach to providing patient treatments that included acupuncture and integrative medicine techniques for a wide variety of conditions, such as chronic pain, smoking cessation, musculoskeletal conditions, mental health conditions, and so much more. This type of care has never been defined for nursing practice. She created a unique niche for nurses in this clinic by learning specific electric modalities and was a perpetual student of the acupuncture art and now has become THE expert in these pain relief techniques. She served professionally as an educator, counselor, and nurse in our high-volume center - always taking a moment for those needing a shoulder to lean on or a hug for support.

She has trained several physicians, Uniformed Services University medical students, nurses, and medical technicians. As a valued volunteer she was asked to teach very specific electric modality techniques at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. They appreciated her teaching style using the hands-on approach. Mrs. Bucci has, without a doubt, influenced the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Mrs. Bucci connects with patients on a personal level helping them understand their medical condition and teaching them how to improve or manage their condition. She makes accommodations for people to come when convenient for their schedule. She has outstanding energy and enthusiasm each day, as she comforted, consoled and cared for the war wounded, tired, and traumatized clients. She truly exemplifies the mission and spirit of the American Red Cross.

Nurses have been vital to the work of the American Red Cross since 1888. Today, more than 15,000 of your fellow nurses are involved in providing disaster services, teaching and developing courses, managing blood drives and other leadership roles throughout our organization. Learn more about how you can get involved with the Red Cross.

Friday, May 6, 2016

My Red Cross Volunteer Story: Patty Baisden

Written by: Emily Goff, volunteer

I became involved with the American Red Cross because of a personal experience I had when I was a child. The Red Cross responded to a fire at my home when I was in the 6th grade. Giving to the Red Cross, both my time and treasure, was a natural fit for me. Only after talking to others did I realize the depth and breadth of the services the American Red Cross provides.

Currently, I am the Prince William Council chairperson for the Red Cross and I serve on the Board of Directors for the National Capital Region. I am also a Tiffany Circle member and assist with the Tiffany Circle leadership, helping to welcome and develop new members. My daughter is also a Tiffany Circle member. The Tiffany Circle was formed in 2006 to “unite and engage a group of generous and highly-involved women to continue to ensure that the Red Cross has the ability to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to life's emergencies.” Members from across the country each donate $10,000 or more annually to support the American Red Cross. For more information on the Tiffany Circle, click here.

The American Red Cross is one of those groups that aids virtually every person in the world.  Blood services, first aid/CPR classes, swimming lessons, disaster response, and service to the armed forces help millions of people. Virtually no other charitable cause touches so many people in such a variety of ways. The Red Cross has a massive group of volunteers across the entire United States carrying out 90% of humanitarian work for the organization.

When choosing a place to volunteer, it must be known that the Red Cross truly is about neighbors helping neighbors. For over 150 years the Red Cross has been a backbone of security. We take for granted that the Red Cross will help those in need during an emergency and will be present in our community in the face of hurricanes, floods and more.  However, it takes many volunteers and resources to make it all happen. Life without the Red Cross would not be as safe and secure. Through the years of consistently reaching out to help communities, we are confident in knowing that there is “someone” out there who will help in an emergency.

Ultimately, anyone seeking a wonderful organization to volunteer with should consider the Red Cross!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Red Cross Volunteer Story: Aselina

Did you know that those who volunteer have better health? According to researchers, volunteers “have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who do not volunteer.” This fact came as a surprise to me too! However, after my own research, I realized that there are numerous more benefits to volunteering, such as career exploration, personal growth and other skills. I recently moved to the U.S. to pursue my master’s degree and realized that while volunteering with the American Red Cross I could further develop my communication skills!

My experience for the annual Giving Day with the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region was everything I expected and more! I assisted throughout the telethon and flexed my social media skills, discovered new digital tools and learned more about the organization. For example, I used Periscope to broadcast interviews with volunteers and staff. I also learned the advantages of cloud sharing and quick photo editing tools.

Giving Day was a great experience to see how volunteers and staff support the humanitarian mission across five key service areas. It felt great to help share and promote these services on social media platforms and to see the online community reacting to it. Thanks to this volunteering opportunity, I discovered the Red Cross’s incredible local work and their amazing staff. As soon as I entered the building, a staff member who was busy entangling wires greeted me with a huge smile. Later, I learned that he was Geoff DeLizzio, the COO in the National Capital Region. He and other staff members are always ready to do any work to contribute to the organization’s progress and mission. Besides being funny and friendly, I also learned that people who work at the Red Cross are very professional. They did an amazing job preparing for the Giving Day by creating detailed plans, messages, and many other helpful materials prepared far ahead for the social media team and this is just one of their many amazing attributes!

I recommend anyone and everyone to volunteer with the American Red Cross! It feels great to be part of a professional, passionate, and fun team. It is also a unique opportunity to practice your existing knowledge, learn new and practical skills, and get to know your local organizations work!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

LIVE Red Cross Giving Day Telethon

Happy Giving Day! Watch our telethon today from 12-2 pm and join in by calling 202-643-0303. If we each ‪#‎help1family‬, think of what we could do! Make a gift today:

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

LIVE Giving Day Telethon April 21

COO Geoff DeLizzio and Yoda from 2015 Giving Day Telethon

If we each ‪#‎help1family‬, think of what we could do! Join us right here for the American Red Cross Giving Day on Thursday April 21 from 12:00 pm until 2:00 pm. We'll be live streaming our second annual telethon and celebrating the thousands of local Red Cross supporters with tips, tricks, and other activities. Make sure to mark your calendar to watch the telethon AND call in to join the fun at 202-643-0303.

Feel good and #help1family. Make a gift today:

Friday, April 15, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation: For the Love of Helping to Advance People’s Personal Growth

Written by: Brigitte Yuille, volunteer

Volunteering has been a consistent activity throughout my life. However, I never grasped the true benefit of this action until I was an adult. 

During my childhood, I volunteered as a Girl Scout to earn Brownie points. These points would help me get to the next level in the Girl Scout league. I volunteered at church in Middle School and throughout High School. My actions didn’t resonant with me then because I was too frustrated with getting up early on Sunday mornings. However, as I helped a young child learn to read, I noticed that I liked helping people. Volunteering soon equated to going to a good college. The more experience I had and community-minded I became the more it improved my chances of going to a top-tier school. So, for a while the activities were done for my personal advancement. It was more about me.

A year after my mother passed away, I had gone through a depression. I felt so alone in my grief. After listening to a sermon, I decided to volunteer. The message simply was that depression can be self-consuming, and to stop hurting it's best to help others. So, I began volunteering at a juvenile detention center for young women. I also did activities at community events. That’s when I discovered something amazing: pure joy. The legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey describes joy as having a texture. Well, the more I helped the young women at the detention center by guiding them and just chatting the more joy I felt. It was euphoric. I also developed friendships with other people who volunteered. The benefit was meeting people of good character. I learned to stop focusing on what I don’t have; instead, I focused on what I do have. When I volunteer, I share the valuable lessons my parents have taught me; I share what I have learned from having a comfortable childhood, and I share what I have learned from my struggles to help people get past their own.

Today, I make an effort to volunteer as much as I can. I have even developed events dedicated to advancing conversations that can lead to social change. For example, I produced a panel discussion at the Smithsonian during women’s history month as a Women in Film and Video Board member. The conversation addressed gender equality issues in Hollywood and how to resolve them.

One small act of kindness can alter someone’s life for the better and by helping to improve other people’s lives you ultimately help to relieve people of their pain or struggle.  Another perk: You can be the change that you want to see in the world. 

Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week!
Become a volunteer:

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Volunteer Appreciation Week Story: Emily Goff

During National Volunteer Week, the American Red Cross is celebrating its hundreds of thousands of volunteers who help fulfill the Red Cross mission of alleviating human suffering during emergencies. These volunteers fulfill a wide variety of roles, and here is one of their stories.
Written by: Emily Goff, volunteer

Last year when I was a sophomore in high school, I joined the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region. I was excited by an opportunity that allowed me to give back while doing one of my favorite things, writing. As a volunteer with the Communications team, I interview local Red Cross supporters to help share their stories and experiences. These people volunteer at Fort Belvoir, teach lifesaving skills, respond to house fires in the middle of the night and so much more. After speaking with them I write articles to be used on blogs, on social media and in press releases to promote the great work being done by our thousands of regional volunteers.

What continues to be the most striking and humbling part of my role is the fact that I get to learn so much about my fellow volunteers. I've realized that people sound most natural when they’re speaking about their volunteer roles. I have found this to be true regardless of the role. That is why I’m consistently inspired and driven to keep giving back.

In the future, my goal is to become a newspaper journalist with the hope that I can capture both the struggles and the joys of humanity through words. Therefore, my current volunteer work is allowing me to enhance the writing skills that are necessary for such work. I feel truly grateful that I've been able to align with such a fantastic organization, and I definitely plan to continue volunteering as a writer.

Join me!

BECOME A VOLUNTEER Red Cross volunteers give their time to help their community. Sign up today to join their ranks and be part of the lifesaving work of the Red Cross. There are many ways you can get involved. Go to to learn more about volunteer opportunities and how to submit a volunteer application.