Friday, October 11, 2013

No Small Feat

After a number of years away from the blogosphere, the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region is back (on Blogger) and better than ever! In what will be an ever-evolving platform, this is where we'll post stories, interviews, videos, preparedness tips... and much more!

As with any social media platform, the evolution of this site will be no small feat. So please bear with us. We’re excited to use this new (to us) stage to share the Red Cross story – a story that also involves no small feet.

The footprints we leave are large – both in our services and by the sheer number of volunteers and partners that make our work possible. We hope that we can leave similar impressions on the hearts of those we touch. We know our hearts are full because of each of you. Thanks for embarking on this journey with us and for your continued support of the Red Cross! 

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