Saturday, October 12, 2013

Squiggy the Squirrel | In a Nutshell

Many folks in our region are accustomed to seeing squirrels dodge through the streets (if you've ever wondered why there are so many, read this 2008 article from the Post & Courier). But only a few have had the chance to meet our chapter's very own Sciuridae. We sat down with Squiggy to talk about her affinity for the Red Cross and what she hopes to teach our readers.

Why do you love the Red Cross?

I used to be really nervous about experiencing a disaster. It seems like any time you turn on the TV you’re seeing some sort of natural disaster or scary situation. The Red Cross has taught me how to be prepared for the unpredictable, which has made me feel less afraid. I love that the Red Cross empowers everyday people to be ready for these situations and prepares them in a variety of ways, from health and safety courses, to disaster preparedness education and blood donations.  Because of the Red Cross, I’m not a scared squirrel anymore! In fact, I'm now squared away! 

What’s got you so excited about working with the Red Cross?

I can’t wait to help our readers and our communities in the region feel less squirrely about disasters! Stay tuned for monthly tips to help you overcome some of your disaster fears! I also have my very own page on the blog where readers can interact directly with me!

What’s been your favorite Red Cross memory so far?

Definitely working with the Taste of DC event in 2011. Not only did I get to work with youth volunteers in a Lady Gaga inspired video, but I also danced on stage with Rusted Root at the actual event! If you haven’t seen these videos, you should watch them on the National Capital Region's YouTube channel

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