Thursday, January 23, 2014

#TBT | The Story of Blood

We recently pulled this 1949 booklet out of our archives. It takes readers on a journey through our veins, providing basic blood facts and introducing the Red Cross National Blood Programs. It was a fitting discovery since January is National Blood Donor Month 

Just nine years before the publication of this booklet, the Red Cross took part in a processing program, called Plasma for Britain, for relief of English war victims. One year later, in 1941, the Red Cross began a National Blood Donor Service to collect blood for the U.S. military with Dr. Charles R. Drew, formerly of the Plasma for Britain program, as medial direct.

Since 1970, January has been known as National Blood Donor Month. It's a time when blood organizations like the American Red Cross pay tribute to the nearly 11 million people who give blood each year and encourage others to start the new year off right by coming to give the gift of life. We hope you'll consider making a blood donation appointment

Please visit Red Cross Blood Services for more historical information. Additional Red Cross history and significant dates about the Red Cross is available on

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