Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Every Single Day - Volunteer Profile Candice Covin

Candice during a campaign with Grecia Ocampo & David Pradoes. 
Candice Covin has been volunteering with the American Red Cross for the past 6 month, but her commitment to the organization began seventeen years ago as she was serving in Kuwait as a Staff Sergeant in the Army.

“My husband and I were deployed way out in the middle of nowhere,” she recounts. “Our family had not been able to get in touch with us for some time, and they were beginning to worry. So they reached out to the Red Cross, and the organization tracked us down. One hot afternoon a Red Cross representative showed up where we were stationed and delivered the message. I had no idea the Red Cross did that and was touched by their commitment to my family and our troops.”

After several years volunteering in her community, Candice decided that she wanted give back and began training as a volunteer with the Red Cross in the National Capital Region. Now, as a Response Leader for a Disaster Action Team, she has been onsite for 10 fires affecting everything from single family homes to an entire apartment building. While the disasters are difficult situations, she is pleased to be able to provide support and resources when those affected need them the most.

“I was particularly moved by the woman we helped the day after Thanksgiving,” she shared. “A fire had broken out in her apartment and quickly spread throughout the unit. We arrived shortly after the fire department, and when she saw us – well she was overwhelmed. She cried and smiled because the Red Cross was there to help her when no one else was.”

Candice went on the share that, “a lot of people don’t realize that the Red Cross responds to every kind of disaster – big and small. The volunteers are there to help people, and I am proud to be a part of what the Red Cross does every single day.”  

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