Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Volunteer Profile - John Desiderio

Volunteer of the Quarter Award

Volunteer Profile

Written by: Megan Sanko, Red Cross Volunteer

John got his award in January 2015
For American Red Cross Volunteer of the Quarter Award recipient, John Desiderio, the choice to volunteer with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s Gastroenterology Clinic followed years of military service. 
His volunteer work began in January 2010 as a way for he and his wife to give back to a medical system they valued. “I came from an environment shaped by 41 years of quick assessments and quick decisions,” says Desiderio. “I quickly learned that volunteering with the Red Cross is special. I needed to take the extra time…to be more attentive to what others feel is important-especially patients.… I never have to ask myself if what I do as a Red Cross volunteer makes a difference.” No doubt his fellow volunteers and the patients appreciate the difference he makes through his devoted support. Service members experience unique challenges associated with military life, and John enjoys giving them the critical and constant care they need

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