Friday, April 24, 2015

Introduction to the Tiffany Circle

Written by: Sara Cook, volunteer

The Tiffany Circle of the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region is comprised of a group of female philanthropist leaders.  Their mission states that “the Tiffany Circle is a powerful leadership network of women who want to change lives, save lives and strengthen communities through a focused investment of time, talent and treasure in the American Red Cross.”  They prove commitment and capability with over $60 million dollars raised for the American Red Cross since 2007 through organizing fundraising events such as “In the Bag,” an annual luncheon with a silent auction of designer handbags.  Their contributions provide support for victims of disasters of all kinds, service to the armed forces and blood services throughout the country. 

“The Tiffany Circle reflects a growing movement across the United States; women are leading the way when it comes to philanthropy.  Women are the economic powerhouse of the 21st century and will be the primary holders of the wealth in America in just a few short years.  The Tiffany Circle mobilizes this power of women in philanthropy on behalf of the American Red Cross.” 

Many of our Tiffany Circle members think of the American Red Cross as a selfless organization that has served as a stepping stone for them to become who they are today. Whether the Red Cross supported them during a disaster, supported their ancestors’ citizenship or initiated communication with family members stationed overseas, these women were inspired to join the American Red Cross Tiffany Circle in fulfilling its purpose. 

And they get hands on too. So far in 2015, our local chapter hosted a Valentine’s Day ladies night out at a Bubbles Salon, a Champagne and Shopping night at the Michael Kors shop in Tyson’s Galleria and a yearly charm ceremony. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Mary Jo Hoskyns at

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