Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Red Cross Volunteer Story: Rika the Dog

Written by: Emily Goff, Volunteer

Arf! Arf! Arf! Hi there! My name is Rika, and I am a seven-year-old German Shepherd with a passion for delicious bones… and the Red Cross! I first began offering my canine charm to this organization three years ago when my outstanding human owner, Pat Wells, felt that I was finally ready. Now, before I go on about myself, you should know that Pat has been going to great lengths to make people’s lives better ever since the tragedy of 9/11 happened. I’m proud to be at the end of her leash!

Three years ago marked the beginning of my involvement with the Red Cross. After countless volunteering adventures, here I am today – a pooch that can’t get enough of this lifestyle of giving back. I’m often called friendly and outgoing by the humans I visit, which makes my tail wag with even more contentment. I love bringing smiles to the faces of all the humans I visit. When I’m feeling especially eager, I even perform some tricks for my audiences!

Through the Red Cross, I have been able to make countless connections at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, including one with a courageous man from the Armed Forces, who needed to stay in the facility for an extended time after surgery. Also, I was at a joint baby shower for Patricia and Erica, two wonderful women in the Antepartum Area. Though this celebration had cupcakes and gifts, I am pretty sure my presence made it a true party.

So… dogs and humans alike, I urge you to join the Red Cross and lend a helping paw!

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