Friday, July 22, 2016

My Internship with the Red Cross: Part 1

Written by: Morgan Levin, Intern

The idea of helping other people has always been appealing to me. I consider that when you are lucky enough to be born in a safe place, with a good education and a stable situation, it is natural to go out and help those who have been less fortunate. I come from the South-East of France, in a small village near Montpellier, a very dynamic and young city off the Mediterranean coast. I grew up there, and started studying geopolitics this year, which made me realize even more so how much some parts of the world are in great need of help, and seem at first glance totally forsaken. When taking a closer look, I noticed that non-profits are the ones that provide help and assistance to communities around the world without discrimination, regardless of their gender, social status, race or religion. And that is what made me want to join a non-profit for an internship, to discover from the inside how these organizations work and get a better understanding of their impact on our societies.

Why pick the Red Cross to intern with?

The Red Cross combines not only a strong international presence, which is what attracted me to the organization in the first place, but also a presence in every day life to provide the best assistance possible to the local community. I remember that there has always been a Red Cross Team at our student events in France! And that, in my eyes, made a difference that made me want to join them.

Additionally, joining the Red Cross abroad guarantees me the opportunity to discover the American culture and therefore the differences in terms of focus and methods of the American Red Cross compared to the French Red Cross.

During my internship, I hope I will be able to understand and get as much information as I can on the different service areas and the way the Red Cross works here in the United States, and that I will be involved as much as possible in making a difference for the Red Cross.

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