Friday, August 12, 2016

My Red Cross Volunteer Story: Aslan the Dog

Written by: Emily Goff, Volunteer

Woof! Woof! Woof! Hey! I’m Aslan.

You got to hear all about my best friend, Rika, a few months ago here. Here’s a woof-tastic fact: Rika was the one that convinced me to finally step into those spooky portals you humans call elevators! I happen to be a four-year-old Leonberger – or, as some folks call me, a “gentle giant” – that also loves contributing to the great things the Red Cross does. My special human friend named Jen O’Keefe was the one who helped me become involved with this organization two years ago, and I've been playing with all sorts of kind humans ever since. Jen always sees the potential in me, and I always see the potential in her; the two of us are even certified for crisis-response at another organization called HOPE. 

Though my spirit is generally pretty calm, my ears unfailingly perk up at the words, “We’re going to the hospital to pay some visits!” Forget about treats – the best feeling comes from bringing some brightness and comfort to the lives of humans who are ill or injured. You wouldn't believe how wide the smiles on those people’s faces get when I simply hang out and let them pet me! It’s amazing; I love the reactions I get. And, hey, I also am not complaining about the free massages that are a constant part of my volunteering experiences. Clearly, I’m the laid back one, while Rika is the diva.

Through the Red Cross, I was able to spend an incredible couple of months as the furry companion of a six-year-old child undergoing chemotherapy. As you can probably tell, my pal Rika and I’s canine souls have become healthy and happy because of our volunteering experiences.

So… dogs and humans alike, I urge you to join the Red Cross and lend a helping paw!

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  1. We love Aslan, his brother Digory, and their human! What a great team!