Monday, January 23, 2017

You Can Make a Difference. Give Blood

by Emily Goff

It is National Blood Donor Month, and I am thrilled to report that my high school recently embraced the challenge to give the vital gift of blood. Lacking a Red Cross-specific club, Herndon High School had its Key Club student organization promote and organize a blood drive, and the effort was ultimately quite successful! Dozens of students made the decision to give blood to help support those in need. I asked several of the donors to share what sparks their passion to be a blood donor, and the responses I received were touching.
“I donate blood every chance I get because I feel it’s important to help others in any way possible, especially with something as important as blood supply. It feels rewarding to help such a great cause and each time I donate that feeling of rewarding never ceases. Knowing that when I donate my blood I am saving three lives is incomparably fulfilling” - Melissa

“I choose to donate blood because I have always wanted to help others, and I felt like this was one way to do so. I feel really good donating! I feel like I have accomplished my goal of helping others who are in need of blood. I would love to do it again; it was a great experience.” - Divya

“I wanted to donate blood because every day someone with cancer or other diseases dies because there is no blood available to them. I felt like even if I was afraid of needles, just by donating 500mL I can hopefully save someone’s life or at least help someone. Also, after donating blood, it feels like I’ve achieved something. I feel really good now that I made the decision to donate blood. I feel like I’m giving back and truly making a difference, and I will gladly do it again whenever I have the opportunity.” - Sujata

These high school students had a gratifying blood donating experience, and the best part is that you can have one too! Everyone’s experience with donating is unique, with many different reasons why people give blood, but the end goal is ultimately the same: supporting fellow humans amid medical struggles. Learn more about how you can help patients receive lifesaving treatments  via blood donation.

All eligible donors are urged to schedule an appointment to give today by using the Blood Donor App, visiting or calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

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