Friday, July 28, 2017

4th Annual Volunteer Ice Cream Social

Written by: Morgan Terry, volunteer

This past weekend the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region celebrated its volunteers and their commitment to their work with its Fourth Annual Volunteer Ice Cream Event. Volunteers and their guests met at the Silver Spring office to beat the 90 degree heat with ice cream and socialize with fellow volunteers.

I go the opportunity to speak with a few of our region’s volunteers of different backgrounds from all around Montgomery and Prince George’s County.

The first two volunteers I spoke to, Usha and Dev, were President and Vice President of their school’s Red Cross Club.

“We’re both interested in the human
itarian aspect of the Red Cross,” Dev explained when asked about why he became a volunteer. Usha added, “We’ve been volunteers for a few months and we’ve really been enjoying it. We both want to make a career of giving back and volunteering, and we knew the Red Cross would be a good place to start.”

The next volunteer I spoke to, Charlie, explained that she has been volunteering with the Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) program for almost four years. “I was in the military for twenty-two years before I became a licensed healthcare provider. Many vets come home and it’s difficult to get a hold of the people who really need help, but volunteering for the Red Cross makes it easy.”

Volunteer with Us

If you’re passionate about helping people and looking for a volunteer opportunity with a visionary humanitarian organization, you can make a difference with the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region. No matter your interest, skills or schedule, you can make a significant contribution to our community and support people in their moments of greatest need.

For more information on how to become a volunteer with the American Red Cross in the National Capital region, or to find your local Red Cross office, please visit our website.

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