Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hallie & Owen’s Halloween Poem

Safety Tips for a Sweet Halloween  

Written by: Robyn Taylor, volunteer

Hallie and Owen were excited to collect a bag of candy.
They were prepped with safety tips that were sure to come in handy.

Their costumes were flame-resistant.
Their painted on masks were more efficient.

Hallie and Owen brought along flashlights and reflective gear,
As safety is always a priority no matter the time of the year.

Hallie and Owen are quite young.
Grown-ups accompanied them on their trick-or-treat run.

All parties made sure to stay off the street.
The sidewalk was the best way to collect the treats.

They looked both ways and didn’t cut yards.
They never crossed between parked cars.

They watched out for bats, animals and all unsafe frights.
They only stopped at houses that were lit with lights.

They knocked on many doors, though never going inside.
They stopped at every house, completing their preplanned guide.

After a night of fun, they both craved something sweet.
Though they both knew an adult had to inspect before they could eat.

The adults removed loose candy, opened packages and choking hazards.
Unfamiliar brand names were gone as well, sorting candy is a serious matter.

When the goodies were sorted, Hallie and Owen let out a cheer.
They ate a few pieces and were already excited for next year!

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