Thursday, January 24, 2019

National Blood Donor Month - Commit to Help Save Lives

By Carly Flumer, Volunteer

January is National Blood Donor Month, the perfect time to resolve to be a regular blood donor and help save lives. The American Red Cross urges people to share their good health and resolve to give blood regularly, beginning in January with National Blood Donor Month. 

We can all think of easy, simple ways to help someone, whether it be through random acts of kindness, such as letting someone ahead of us in line, or even lending a listening ear to someone who needs it most. But did you know that there’s also a simple and easy way to save someone’s life? It all starts with your blood - bet you didn’t think of that!

Donating blood through the Red Cross helps all types of people, both young and old. From cancer patients to accident and burn victims, to those undergoing a heart surgery or an organ transplant, your donation will help someone in need in a heart-felt way that makes a lasting difference in their life.

Watch Marquita’s story for example. 🎥
She was diagnosed with sickle cell disease when she was born, and requires blood cell transfusions every 6 months.

Or look at the amazing Hannah 🎥, a 16-year-old cancer fighter, who is surviving on blood donations.

When you donate blood, you not only help patients like these, but you give back to your community. Plus, all different types of blood products are needed, including whole blood and platelets, so your donation will go far in making a difference.

To watch more compelling stories, visit the Red Cross’s YouTube page, or to find out more information about donating blood visit the Red Cross’s Blood Services homepage where you can schedule an appointment at your nearest donation center.

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